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  "I enjoy seeing the growth of students from the time they enter school until they graduate. I enjoy challenging them with rigorous curriculum and concepts they don't think they will understand, only to see them master them as we work through the curriculum. Teaching agriculture involves such a variety of concepts that I look forward to going to work because I am excited about working on our class projects. Ag teachers typically have a lot of input into the local curriculum so it is easy to build classes that fit with your passion and interest.  - Rich McCabe, Unity Tolono

  "As an agricultural education instructor, I enjoy providing my students with opportunities to apply concepts to the real world. It's easy for a student to recite statics and important dates but we have the opportunity to bring concepts to life. What fun is it to continually read about agricultural legislative acts that have shaped our history and not project and brainstorm legislative acts to advocate for agricultural education. What fun is it to read about parliamentary procedure and not practice inside the classroom and see it in action at local meetings. I love being an agricultural education teacher because I can bring concepts to life!"  - Jamonica Marion,Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences

  "Being an Ag teacher isn't just a job; it's a way of life. It's demanding and rewarding, diverse and exciting, progressive and professional. We are able to make an impact in students' lives in lasting ways and truly make a difference in developing premier leadership, personal growth, and career success for those lucky enough to be part of our programs. Teaching is rewarding, but teaching Ag is downright life-changing for everyone involved." - Corine Biswell, West Prairie HS

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