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Chicago High School for Ag Sciences  (District 2)  - Ag Finance & Economics Teacher & Co-FFA Advisor

This is a high school teaching position in Agricultural Finance & Economics covering Agribusiness, Sales, Marketing and Financial Management Topics. This position is part of the Chicago Public Schools Career and Technical Education (CTE) program at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.  The Agricultural Finance & Economics program is a series of prescribed courses for grades 10-12 that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the Agribusiness industry.  Ag Finance delivers industry-based instruction that develops student competencies leading to postsecondary education and employment.  Students develop knowledge and skills necessary to operate a business and market garden and an understanding of finance, sales, marketing and entrepreneurship concepts.  Students currently obtain a certification in Agribusiness Concepts and the school is pursuing information on a Quickbooks certification.


Position Responsibilities:

  1. Provide rigorous and relevant instruction on pre-approved hands-on curriculum in the content area and general work-place readiness.
  2. Integrate soft-skill instruction into competency-based content area activities.
  3. Serve as an Advisor and coach for extracurricular industry relevant competitions, industry exploration activities, professional organizations and postsecondary initiatives. 
  4. Through classroom instruction collaborate with career pathway teachers to operate the school’s Farmstand and other special projects and initiatives.
  5. Show evidence of project-based learning (e.g., competitions, capstone events, etc.)
  6. Collaborate with core content teachers on common course planning, integration and alignment.
  7. Attend all relevant professional development set by the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.
  8. Serve as an advisor for FFA and incorporate FFA into classroom instruction.
  9. Commit to the 3-Circle Model of Agricultural Education as set forth by the National FFA Organization.Incorporate FFA and SAE into all courses.
  10. Maintain and update industry certifications as required by Illinois State Board of Education and Chicago Public Schools.



  • Eligible to receive an ISBE Professional Education License (PEL) in Ag Education or
  • Eligible to receive an ISBE Educator License with Stipulations (ELS(CTE)) in Ag Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Ag Education or other Related Field
  • Previous employment experience in industry such as commercial nursery/greenhouse production, landscaping, tree planter and be familiar with methods for field and container production, as well as sustainable practices like hydroponics, botany, cycles of life, insects, natural pest management, companion planting, plant communities, nutrition and health
  • Prior teaching experience
  • Excellent planning, organization, written and verbal communication skills
  • High-level problem solving skills
  • Ability to work in indoor and outdoor agricultural lab environments, including (farm, market garden, barn, etc).
  • Computer literacy and familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Applications
  • Team and detail oriented
Contact Person

William Hook, Principal, or Amy Romito, EFE 010,


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