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  Update Your AgEd Account for the New Yea  
  John Heiser  8/2/2021 7:00:00 AM  

(sent to Section 1-5)

As you celebrate and relax through the remaining few days of the summer, I would like to provide a few updates regarding your IL AgEd Account for the coming year. 
When you log into you will be asked to confirm your profile information for the coming year, including adding the courses you will teach this year at the bottom of your profile. Courses should start no earlier than 8/1/21 and end no later than 6/30/22. 

Please help us in our ongoing effort to ensure accurate data by paying special attention to the following fields:
  • Total Years Teaching- include the year we are about to start.
  • Total Years At Current School- include the year we are about to start.
  • Salary- This should be your TOTAL GROSS SALARY including all stipends and extended contracts. 
  • Contract- this is the contract length your school pays you for BEFORE (or excluding) a 3 Circle Grant, FFA Advisory Stipend. It may include extended contract they offer you.
  • Adjusted Contract- This will add any extra pay you receive above your extended contract days, including 3 Circle Grant. For example: 
    • Example: If you have a 10 month contract PLUS a $4,000 FFA stipend, enter a 10 month contract. If $4,000 is close to one month pay for you, enter the Adjusted Contract as an 11 month contract. 
    • If you are on the 3 Circle Grant program, always select Adjusted Contract as 12 months.
  • Check all other data points in your teacher profile AND the chapter/school profile (click the link in the top right corner). Ensure your Administration and Counselors are entered and their emails are correct.
  • Upload a photo of yourself. It is very helpful for the other teachers to find you in the directory!
Illinois FFA Center staff will notify you when the FFA Membership system is enabled, but right now that is disabled until we can submit those names to National FFA. You are welcome to begin entering students in the system at any time. 
As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to me!

John Heiser
Facilitating Coordination in Ag Education (FCAE)
Phone: 815-509-5404 Cell: 815-509-5404
Address: 535 Elm Pl, Room 23, Princeton, IL 61356
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