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  Agribusiness Curriculum Library Revised in 5E Lesson Outline Ready to Use  
  Dean Dittmar  12/8/2021 2:37:00 PM  

Hi Educators & Friends-
We are excited to share the newly revised Agribusiness Library of our Illinois Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) State Curriculum now available in the curriculum area of
All middle/high school agricultural teachers, college/university agricultural instructors, and preservice agricultural teachers have login access to the state AFNR curriculum and this new library:
  • Agribusiness - is the current library
  • Agribusiness (5E) - is the revised new library
The (5E) notation reflects the lessons are written in the Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate lesson plan outline.

Curriculum available for download for each lesson:
-Lesson Plan  (Standards alignment included)
-Guided Notes
-Video (Videos for sixteen lessons will be available when professional develop trainings occur.)

Professional development (PD) will be provided in conjunction with the Ground Zero Student Conferences on: January 28, 2022, at SIU at Carbondale and WIU at Macomb; and on February 4, 2022, at U of I at Champaign from 12 noon to 4:30 pm. PD registration and more details will be provided in the near future at and sent as email message.

Please begin to use these new quality resources developed by agricultural educators. Schools with subscriptions to also have access to this new agribusiness (5E) library.
Below is an index of the 80 revised new lessons: 
Problem Area 1. Introduction to Agribusiness
A1-1: The Scope of Agribusiness
A1-2: Agribusiness Careers
Problem Area 1. Business Structures
B1-1: Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Franchises
B1-2: Corporations and Their Governance
B1-3: Cooperatives and Their Governance
B1-4: Business Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
Problem Area 2. Establishing the Agribusiness
B2-1: Entrepreneurship
B2-2: Business Goals
B2-3: Agribusiness Startup
B2-4: Business Plan Preparation
B2-5: Ethics in Agribusiness
Problem Area 3. The Business Plan
B3-1: Business Management
B3-2: Sources of Business Risk
B3-3: Agribusiness Insurance
B3-4: Employee Management and Development
B3-5: Managing Difficult Conversations
B3-6: Employees versus Independent Contractors
B3-7: Employee Incentives
B3-8: Human Resource Management
B3-9: Product Distribution
Problem Area 4. Agribusiness Finance
B4-1: Saving Money
B4-2: Financing an Agribusiness
B4-3: Securing a Business Loan
B4-4: Credit Costs
Problem Area 5. Record Keeping and Financial Management of an Agribusiness
B5-1: Financial Accounting and Reporting
B5-2: The Balance Sheet
B5-3: The Net Worth Statement
B5-4: The Income Statement
B5-5: The Statement of Cash Flows
B5-6: Budget Development and Analysis
B5-7: Financial Risk
B5-8: Managing Inventory Assets
B5-9: Depreciation
B5-10: Financial Forecasting
Problem Area 6: Taxes
B6-1: The United States Tax System
B6-2: Federal and State Income Taxes
B6-3: Property Taxes
B6-4: Sales Tax
Problem Area 7. Marketing 
B7-1: Types of Markets
B7-2: Introduction to Agricultural Marketing
B7-3: Market Analysis
B7-4: Strategies of Marketing: Product and Position
B7-5: Strategies of Marketing: Place
B7-6: Strategies of Marketing: Price
B7-7: Strategies of Marketing: Traditional Promotion
B7-8: Strategies of Marketing: Web-Based Promotion
B7-9: Developing a Marketing Budget
B7-10: Relationship Building
B7-11: Developing a Pre-Call Plan
B7-12: The Sales Process
B7-13: Customer Relations
Problem Area 1. Basic Economic Principles 
C1-1: The Free Enterprise System
C1-2: Economic Principles
C1-3: Supply and Demand
C1-4: Elasticity
C1-5: Marginal Cost vs. Marginal Revenue
C1-6: Consumers and Choice
C1-7: Macroeconomics
Problem Area 2. International Trade
C2-1: Economics of International Trade
C2-2: Exporting and Importing Agricultural Products
C2-3: Trade Agreements and Barriers
Problem Area 3. Commodity Trading 
C3-1: Commodity Trading
C3-2: The Futures Market
C3-3: Hedging
C3-4: Options
C3-5: Trading Techniques
C3-6: Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Problem Area 1. Agricultural Law
D1-1: Contracts
D1-2: Deeds and Land Ownership
D1-3: Leases and Leasing
D1-4: Ownership Rights and Responsiblities
D1-5: Fence Laws
D1-6: Estate Planning
Problem Area 1. Personal Financial Management
E1-1: Personal Finances and Goals
E1-2: Personal Financial Documents
E1-3: Personal Budgeting
E1-4: Credit
E1-5: Financial Investments
E1-6: Personal Insurance
E1-7: Online Banking

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Dean Dittmar
Facilitating Coordination in Ag Education (FCAE)
Phone: 217-893-0091 Cell: 618-604-1622
Address: 3358 Big Pine Trail , Champaign, IL 61822
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