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  Three Circles and Incentive Funding Grants FAQs  
  Erica Thieman  7/30/2019 11:03:00 AM  
  Three Circles Grant FAQs

1. If your allocation on IWAS does not match up to the amount in your District Match Excel Worksheet, please do the following: a) Email a copy of your worksheet to with the following information in the email: district name, IWAS allocation amount, correct amount. If there is more than one teacher in the district, send all worksheets/corrections in one email. b) Please add "Waiting on updated allocation" to the text box at the bottom of the page in the Application Information tab in IWAS. c) Go ahead and submit your application by July 31 with incorrect budget numbers that match up to the allocation that is currently in IWAS. d) I will then conditionally approve your application if all else is in order and you can amend when allocation updates or I will disapprove if other corrections are made and you can just wait to submit corrections when allocation is updated. e) Allocations sent to me before Wednesday at the end of the day will be updated by early next week.

2.) Your application just has to be "Submitted to ISBE" by the end of the day July 31, 2019 to have a July 1 start date. Those submitted after will have a start date of when the application was "Submitted to ISBE." You can check your status by going to the Application History tab in the IWAS application. If it does not say "Submitted to ISBE," it has not been submitted.

3.) Your signed letter confirming payment and hours log for 2018-19 grants goes into the Periodic Reporting System fourth quarter report. It does not need loaded into your IWAS application like previous years. Please do not submit the fourth quarter report until the entire grant and district match have both been paid out to the teacher(s).

Incentive Funding Grant FAQs

1. The FY20 Budget Application will be released today or tomorrow. Each point was valued at $50 and some change. You will have 30 days from today to complete your budget application. Please refer to the IAVAT report that I shared at conference in June for an example of what your budgets should look like.

2. In closing out 2018-19 IFG, please make sure you load either a document (Word, Excel or PDF) that has a list of items purchased with the grant, cost, and date acquired. Please do not submit the Quarter 4 report until you have expended all of the funds.

Erica Thieman
Illinois State Board of Education
Phone: 217-785-4293 Cell: --
Address: 100 North First Street, Springfield, IL 62777
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