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  Looking for Summer Workshops?  
  Jennifer Waters  4/26/2022 11:52:00 AM  

*Sent to All Ag Education Instructors, College Ag Ed Students and University Ag Ed Faculty

If you are looking for upcoming workshops and opportunities, be sure to check out the Illinois Ag Education Professional Development Webpage! 

Below is a quick peek of upcoming workshops. Be sure to click the link above to find more information for each event. 

May 3 iCEV Beating Teacher Burnout

May 4 iCEV Beating Teacher BurnOut

May 15-31 CASE Virtual Principles of Ag Science - Animal

May 30-June 13 CASE Virtual Principles of Ag Science - Animal

June 1-2 Small Engines @ Pekin

June 6-24 ISU Cooperative Education Course (Online) BE480

June 7-9 Metal Maestro: 3-Day Welding Workshop

June 7-9 Hummert Greenhouse Short Course Experienced Teachers

June 7 - Aug 13 SIU Coop Courses

June 9 Greenview Nursery Tour & Container Gardening

June 9 Vet Science Workshop

June 15-17 STEM IT UP 4.0

June 17 Welding/CNC Machines with Jamie VanDyke @ Olney

June 19-29 CASE Principles of Ag Science - Plant

June 20 IAVAT PreConference Workshops

June 21-24 Next Generation Conf - Plant Systems

June 22 IAVAT Conference Workshops

June 27 - Premier Chapter Day Teacher Workshops

June 27-28 2nd Year Ag Teacher Conference

June 27-July 15 ISU Cooperative Education Course (Online) BE482

June 28-30 NAAE Regional Conference in IL

June 28-30 Hummert Greenhouse Short Course for Experienced Teachers

June 29-30 ELS Teacher Conference

July 5-15 CASE Principles of Ag Science - Animal

July 11-12 Electricity Workshop @ LLCC

July 11-25 CASE Virtual Principles of Ag Science - Animal

July 12-14 Hummert Greenhouse Short Course Early Career Teachers

July 13-23 Cooperative Education Courses from EIU

July 18-22 Ag Mechanics Bootcamp

July 20 - Ag Mechanics with Jeff Jacobs @ Carlyle

July 25-26 Beginning Ag Teacher Conference


Jennifer Waters
Facilitating Coordination in Ag Education (FCAE)
Phone: 217-827-0633 Cell: 217-827-0633
Address: 211 IL-125, Pleasant Plains, IL 62677
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