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  FY23 Section Fair Contract - Due June 1, 2022  
  Mindy Bunselmeyer  5/3/2022 9:02:00 AM  

FY23 Section Fair Contract - Due June 1, 2022

Fiscal Year - July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

All FFA Chapters need to complete the section fair contract whether they plan to participate in a section fair or not.  If you will not be the teacher at that school next year, please still sign the contract and complete this process. For schools with multiple teachers, please just have one teacher sign the contract.

1.  Deadline to submit the FY23 fair contract is June 1, 2022.

2.  Page 1:  Complete Teacher's Name, School Name & Section Number (Multiple Teacher Programs, please just choose one teacher to complete the contract.)

3.  Page 3, Question #17:

  1. Complete Teacher’s Name 

  2. School Name

  3. School’s EIN # - 9 Digits - XX-XXXXXXX (Usually begins with 36-, 37-, 38-) - The EIN # doesn’t begin with “E”.  Please write in the most recent EIN # so that your fair checks are sent to the right school/district office from the Comptroller’s Office.  

4. Complete the Section Number

5.  Both the FFA Advisor and Administrator need to sign and date the contract. 

6.  Upload all 3 pages to

  1. Sign-In, click IL AgEd Online, under Dashboard/Ag Ed Fair System, and Click Chapter Contracts.

  2. Browse your system for your PDF File to upload the contract.  It will take a few seconds to upload the contract.

  3. Once this is done, click “Upload Contract” to finish the process.  You do not need to mail us the original contract.

7.  If you have any questions or issues with uploading the fair contract, please email Patti Davis at

Mindy Bunselmeyer
Illinois FFA Center
Phone: 217-753-3328 Cell: 217-412-5646
Address: 3221 Northfield, Springfield, IL 62702
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