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  Reminder all Account Balances need to be paid by August 1, 2022  
  Mindy Bunselmeyer  7/21/2022 10:00:00 AM  

  1. Reminder all Account Balances need to be paid by August 1, 2022


In order to always be an FFA Chapter in Good Standing, please be sure to check your FFA Chapter account balances and keep your bills being paid up to date.  

This message was posted on March 15, 2022:  New this year per the directive of the IAVAT Administrative Council, for all Illinois FFA Chapters and any colleges/universities with an account at the Illinois FFA Center:  any outstanding bills due to the Illinois FFA Center must be paid in full by August 1, 2022.  This includes bills from CDEs, conferences, camps, conventions, dues, etc.

If outstanding bills are not paid by August 1, 2022, login access to will be turned off until the outstanding debt is paid in full.  Turning off this access will not allow a program or teacher to login to register for events, access curriculum online or begin the FFA roster process.  So please take time to review your account balance on to make sure those balances are paid.  

If you have any financial questions or inquiries about your balance, please contact Jannette Allotey

If at any time you have questions or concerns about the policy, please contact Mindy Bunselmeyer at

Thank you for your attention now to this notification, it is our hope that not a single program will lose access to the website, while at the same time operating the business of the FFA Center in a timely manner. 

Mindy Bunselmeyer
Illinois FFA Center
Phone: 217-753-3328 Cell: 217-412-5646
Address: 3221 Northfield, Springfield, IL 62702
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