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  Fair Managers- final reports ready for submission to state  
  Lucas Allen  8/14/2019 4:31:00 PM  

Fair Managers- 
Thank you for your patience as we developed the new fair tool this year. I know it has been a challenge with timing for many of you, and I appreciate all of your assistance as I learn this process myself while trying to teach the programmer. 

The final pro-rata amount that the Illinois Department of Agriculture gave us is $329.59 per section. That amount has been loaded into your fair (in both the old and new websites).
If you used the old website to complete your fair, please remember that you need to submit your final report AND pro-rata justification forms (notarized) as soon as possible- but always within 30 days after the completion of the fair.

  • NOTE: please double check your pro rata justification form if you already submitted on the old system. We received three different pro-rata numbers from IDOA while they were fixing their new accounting system, so if you submitted a pro rata justification form between the first time we uploaded that amount and the final update from IDOA, your initial pro rata justification form would need to be updated with the new amount.


    If you used the new system you should be able to run your report and proceed with closeout. I will try to provide brief highlights to help you below:

  • Please ensure your award pool is correctly allocated BEFORE proceeding.
    • Your section is allocated $13,000 plus pro-rata ($329.66). Divide that total ($13,329.66) among the Section fair(s) you plan to run in the fiscal year.
    • If you have two fairs- “Livestock” and “Winter” and Livestock gets 2/3 of the money, enter $8,877.50 ($13,329.59 x .666) into the “Award Pool” field of the 2019 Livestock Fair details page. The remaining $4,438.75 would be assigned to 2019 Winter Fair, which should also be the amount showing in “Funds Not Yet Distributed.”
  • Ensure all fair entries have been correctly and accurately entered.
  • For the fair that already happened, click Past Fairs, then the name of your fair that already happened, then Reports, then “Lock Fair and Generate Premium Report.
    • Click link for “Premium Reports By Chapter”
    • This report contains BOTH the Premium Report and the Pro-Rata Justification Form that you used to have to submit to Springfield (all in one report now).
    • Save this PDF.
    • Print this report.
    • Take the report to a Notary, have pages 1 and 2 notarized.
    • Make a copy or scan of the packet for your records in case they are lost in the mail.
    • Mail the form to Springfield on the address listed WITHIN 30 Days of your fair.
  • If you do find an error, you do have the ability to unlock the fair. Be careful, it will re-calculate the premiums that are issued to the students if any changes are made.
  • If you find an error after the initial report you will need to re-complete the steps above, get a new notary signature, and submit the new report to the address listed with a note that you are submitting an amended report. However, it is best to try to avoid this if you can to eliminate confusion and paperwork.


  • Sections 1, 5, 6, 11, 25: Your section issued pro-rata to schools alphabetically rather than to the Section Fair Manager school, like the rest of the state will get. Please communicate with the school who will receive the pro-rata payments that this will happen. At first the programmer has all sections set to do this but he was able to fix the logic for all sections who had not yet finalized the fair results- but since you have finalized, that won’t happen for you until the next time you have a fair.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any errors or questions.


Lucas Allen
Facilitating Coordination in Ag Education (FCAE)
Phone: 815-530-2065 Cell: --
Address: 2015 Manchester Road, Wheaton, IL 60187
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