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  Adding Students into ILAgEd system  
  Lucas Allen  8/18/2019 7:31:00 PM  

District 2 Teachers: 
Welcome back to school!  Since I won't see all of you this week I wanted to pass along some information about how to add students into the IL AgEd website. This is due by 10/1 but I would highly recommend you complete this as soon as possible with your students.

Now that we have our new site functioning, you will be utilizing our website to take care of all student-related management. 

I created a video and Megan Coy created a teacher and student "quick guide" which can be found on the right side of the Educator Resources page. 

In short, here's what you need to do:
1. At the bottom of your "Account Settings" page please enter the courses you teach.
2. Follow the instructions on the "Student Roster: Set Student Access Code" page. Have every student enter themselves (including all required information, as well as entering themselves in the course they are taking). It will either re-activate them in AET/ILAgEd or add them to the system. 
3. Go to the "Student Roster: Students Pending Approval" page to approve all students who are in your program.

If you have any questions please call/email/text me. I will have limited availability this week, as I will be taking Tuesday/Thursday/Friday off, but I will get back to you as soon as I'm able to.

Lucas Allen
Facilitating Coordination in Ag Education (FCAE)
Phone: 815-530-2065 Cell: --
Address: 2015 Manchester Road, Wheaton, IL 60187
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