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  Incentive Funding Apps Due Soon and New Law Info re: GATA  
  Erica Thieman  8/23/2019 10:06:00 AM  

**Sent to All Section Advisors, Principals, Superintendents**

Incentive Funding Applications for FY20
--Due September 1, 2019 to establish a July 1, 2019 start date
--To be reimbursed for any funds expended between your application submit date back to July 1, it must be submitted by September 1.
--I will only be approving applications if ALL FY18 and FY19 Grant Periodic Reports are submitted and approved.
--To close out FY19, you will need to submit an Excel or Word document with a list of all items purchased with the grant funds.
--If you did not expend all of the FY19 funds in an amount exceeding $50, you will be required to have my approval on your justification before your FY20 application will be approved. Not expending all funds can jeopardize eligibility for grant funding in subsequent years.

New Law Expenditure Report Highlights (Public Act 100-0997) (see email text below)
--The main point relevant to ag grants is that if your grant application is approved more than 30 days after the program start date, there is an additional expenditure report that you will have to file to start off. As soon as your application is approved, this will be generated for your district to complete.
--If your district has not expended funds prior to the approval date (but after July 1 for Incentive/Three Circles) then you will just submit an expenditure report showing $0 expended. 
--If you have expended funds, indicate that and payment will be vouchered so that you can be reimbursed more quickly. 
--If you do not complete this report, your funds will be frozen until it is submitted.

New Law May Require Additional Expenditure Report for FY 2020 Grants

Public Act 100-0997, which was enacted on August 20, 2018, made significant changes to the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA), including the addition of a section that details new expenditure reporting requirements. Section 125 of GATA requires grantees to submit a new expenditure report in the event that a state or federal grant is executed more than 30 days after the effective date of the grant. Beginning with the FY 2020 grant cycle, any state or federal grant that is executed (i.e., approved by ISBE) more than 30 days after the effective date (i.e., start date) of the grant will require the grantee to submit to ISBE an expenditure report that reflects eligible expenditures made from the grant start date up to and including the date of grant execution.

Federal grants administered by ISBE are processed on a reimbursement basis and will require an expenditure report to be submitted through the approval date if the grant is approved more than 30 days after the effective date. State grants administered by ISBE allow grantees to submit monthly payment schedules with their grant application. Previously, ISBE would voucher all scheduled monthly payments through the month the initial application was approved. Under the new law, if a grant is approved more than 30 days after the start date, ISBE will only voucher an amount equal to the initial expenditure report submitted by the grantee. After the initial expenditure report is processed and paid,

ISBE will resume normal vouchering of scheduled payments to the grantee.

Grantees are encouraged to submit their initial FY 2020 grant applications to ISBE in timely fashion so that ISBE program staff can review and approve the grants within the 30-day timeframe. That would allow grantees to avoid having to submit the new expenditure report. In summary, all FY 2020 grants that are approved by ISBE 30 days after the effective date will be subject to the new expenditure report requirement. 

Below is a summary of the steps that are necessary to fully execute FY 2020 grants:

1.    Complete Registration/Prequalification process on the Illinois Grant Accountability and Transparency Act Grantee Portal and complete the Internal Controls Questionnaire.

2.    Complete and submit the new FY 2020 Organizational Risk Assessment via IWAS.

3.    School Districts Only: Complete and submit the Consolidated District Plan.

4.    Submit FY 2020 grant application(s) to ISBE.

5.    The respective ISBE program area will review grant application and consider it for approval.

Questions regarding this information can be directed to Kim Lewis at or (217) 782-5256.

You may access your account by visiting :
Erica Thieman
Illinois State Board of Education
Phone: 217-785-4293 Cell: --
Address: 100 North First Street, Springfield, IL 62777
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