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  State Forestry Result Updates  
  John Edgar  10/6/2020 9:04:00 AM  

After the State Forestry results were shared over the weekend, a transposition error was found in the Tree ID key. The IAVAT Board of Directors reviewed the appeal, and voted to update results accordingly. These full results, along with the updated key, are now available to view on

Team Rank School Score
1 Midland 1250
2 Seneca 1158
2 Villa Grove 1139
4 Liberty 1129
Individual Rank School Participant Score
1 Midland Keil Endress 418
2 Villa Grove Alexa Howard 417
3 Midland Ryker Ewing 417
4 Midland Leah Pyles 415
5 Liberty Jacob Davis 412
6 Seneca Calvin Maierhofer 408
7 Paxton-Buckley-Loda Matteo Vasquez 401
8 Monticello Caullin Heebner 398
9 Seneca Chris Poyner 397
10 Mount Carmel Gehrig Jones 394
Middle School
Team Rank School Score
1 Liberty 1058
Individual Rank School Participant Score
1 Liberty Colten Peters 398
2 Liberty Faith Klauser 377
Individual Rank School Participant Score
1 Olney Peter Rudolphi 524
2 Seneca Colin Collet 362
3 Olney Dane Steber 358
4 Olney Jalen Bryan 330
5 Seneca Bryce Roe 328
6 Goreville Jacob Carter 321
7 Seneca Ashley Alsvig 306
8 Seneca Michele Cheshareck 295
9 Meridian Zander Kaufman 292
10 Seneca Evan Skaggs 289

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