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  SIU Virtual Invitational Agronomy CDE November 18th, 2020  
  Howard Heavner  10/15/2020 12:25:00 PM  

     I am happy to announce that on November 18th SIU will conduct a virtual Invitational Agronomy CDE.  The time will likely be 9am to Noon, although that may be subject to change.   Our event will be similar to the Illinois FFA Agronomy CDE.  The entry fee will be $10 for a team of 5.  After the 5 on the team we will charge $1 per practice student.  You may have as many participants as you like.  We will use the same scantron used for the Illinois FFA Agronomy CDE.
     I have attached our proposed rules.   The written exam will be a pdf file, while all the other rings both judging and identification will be in the form of a power point.  We will use the same method as was used for the Illinois FFA Forestry CDE in September.  We will send a link to a folder containing all the files to each participant in the event at the starting time for the event.  Members may work in whatever order they wish however there will be a firm time limit (3 Hours) and then everyone must submit. I don't know if the time will be 2, 2.5, or three hours, that will be determined depending on how many classes we have.  
My AGSE 311a class will organize the event.  Our Agricultural Education course teaches our students  how to organize and host career development events.  We have identified this event as an opportunity to learn for our SIU students as well.  You may use this event for preparing your teams for section events or the Illinois FFA event.  If you wish to use this event for your section event you are welcome to  do so.  It is our goal to provide you with power points and materials you can use in your classroom to prepare teams in the future.  While I was teaching agriculture in Valmeyer I had the opportunity to host the Section 22 CDE for about 20 years.  We will release results that afternoon, and we will make a folder active containing not only the rings used in the contest, but power points containing pictures of all the specimens listed in the Illinois Agronomy CDE.  If you have questions or concerns please email me.  We will send another email for registration in a week or two.

Thank you,


Howard K. Heavner, Ph,D.   


Agricultural Education Instructor

SIU College of Agriculture Sciences

Mail Code 4415

1205 Lincoln Drive

Carbondale, IL    62901

P: 618/719-1778

Howard Heavner
Southern Illinois University
Phone: 618-719-1778 Cell: 618-719-1778
Address: 1205 Lincoln Drive, Mail Code 4415, Carbondale, IL 62901
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