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  Extended FY20 Grant Reporting - ISBE Agricultural Education  
  Andrew Klein  11/25/2020 10:10:00 AM  

*Sent to All Section Advisors, Superintendents, University, Community Colleges, and State Staff

The notice below went out in yesterday’s Weekly Message:

(BEGIN) "Illinois Compiled Statutes 708/50 (c)(2) requires that state grant-making agencies utilize grantee performance reporting to track a recipient’s progress pertaining to grant deliverables during the life of a grant. To that end, ISBE is required to receive and review performance reports during the fiscal year 2020 state grant period extension. 

ISBE will not have the ability to end reporting when grant funds are fully expended. All FY 2020 state grant recipients will continue to receive requests for periodic performance reports on a quarterly basis through June 30, 2021, even if the program monies were previously expended and the grant is considered complete.  

Those with a completed grant should please type n/a in the blanks and submit the report. ISBE program staff will approve it upon receipt." (END)

Essentially what this means is that for all FY 2020 state funded grants (Three-Circles, Secondary Incentive Funding, GAST, FCAE, and University Incentive Funding; extended to 6/30/21), there will automatically be 4 more quarterly performance (GATA) reports (5th thru 8th quarters).  This is a change from previous guidance our department received.  If you submitted your final FY 2020 expenditure report in a previous quarter (“completed the grant”), you will mark N/A in all the text boxes on quarterly reports done after the final expenditure report.  If you have not “completed the grant,” you will continue reporting on your grant activities for the applicable quarter in the text boxes provided in the report. 

For our Three-Circle Grant recipients, remember that you may not duplicate hours in two fiscal years. You may use hours from the 2020-2021 school year in your FY20 (2019-2020) Three-Circle Grant, but you may not use those same activities again on the FY21 (2020-2021) Grant. Any questions can be directed to your FCAE District Advisor, or to me at ISBE. Contact information found at 

I am sharing this information to clarify any concerns before these reports begin to automatically generate for each of you or your school district. Please share this information with whomever is typically responsible for submitting your quarterly GATA reports.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, and have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Best Regards,

Andrew Klein
Facilitating Coordination in Ag Education (FCAE)
Phone: 217--78-2-43 Cell: --
Address: 100 N. First Street, C-215, Springfield, IL 62777
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