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Live Streaming      

Illinois FFA State Officer Candidates      
2023 Illinois FFA State Officer Candidates click here to view the candidate resume’ booklet and click here to view the candidate introduction video.  

2023 Illinois FFA Degrees      
Looking for the list of 2023 Illinois FFA State Degree Recipients, the 2023 list of Illinois FFA American Degree recipients, and the 2023 Honorary FFA Degree recipients?  Look no further…click here

CDE & LDE Schedule      

Click here to view the 2023 State Convention CDE & LDE Schedule.
Click here to view the 2023 Greenhand Quizbowl Schedule.
****** ALL Quiz BOWL teams MUST report by 9:45 a.m.


Click on the tab above to learn about the Workshops at the 95th Illinois FFA State Convention!

Exhibitors for 2023      

***NEW THIS YEAR - The Career Show upstairs, with so many vendors and exhibitors we have outgrown the room in the lower level.  So PLEASE take the elevator, climb the stairs or walk the ramps UP to the Mezzanine (upper level) of the Bank of Springfield Center (BoS Center) to check out the Career Show AND be sure to tell all of your friends.  

Looking for something to do BEFORE or AFTER a convention session taking place in the Main Hall of the Convention Center? Check out the Career Show!!  We have over 50 friends of the FFA and vendors for FFA members to meet and learn more about.  Click here to view the 2023 list of friends and vendors. 

FFA Nurse/FFA Counselor/Family Comfort Room      


We have on staff the week of the convention located in the VIP/Headquarters room on the lower level of the Bank of Springfield Center our very own FFA Nurse and FFA Counselor.  Both are there to serve Illinois FFA members and guests in their time of need.  If a situation arises where you need first aid or medical attention, Desiree Barrett is here to help.  If any of your FFA members have a situation where they are feeling excluded, targeted or unwelcome in any way, please know our goal is to always make every FFA member feel welcome, accepted and valued, that's why Laura Roehm is here to help serve FFA members.  If you are in need of a counselor or someone to help create a safe space to help with concerns, please see our Counselor in the VIP/Headquarters room on the lower level of the Bank of Springfield Center.  We hope you, your members and all guests will not need either of these services, but in case you do, please know we are here to serve. 


The Illinois FFA Convention will once again this year provide a Family Comfort Room in the lower level of the convention hall in ROOM B3. The Family Comfort Room is designed for all of our agriculture teachers who choose to bring their children and all of our families that attend the convention as well.  It offers a quiet location to bring babies for feeding, changing, and naps or a place for little ones to play and just be.  The Family Comfort Room is supported by the Illinois Foundation FFA. They say it takes a village to raise a child, join us as we raise our families together, experiencing FFA from the youngest of ages.

Stage Appearance Cards      

*** RETURNING this year! In your convention packets, you will not only receive the stage appearance document that details what sessions your chapters will appear on stage during the convention, you will also receive Stage Appearance Cards.  Each card will indicate what session your chapter and/or students appear on stage, what award you/they are winning, when to report backstage, as well as section number and what order to line up in once they arrive backstage.  Please take notice to keep track of your stage appearance cards and delegate them to your chapter members as they represent your FFA chapter.  If you have Stage Appearance Cards in your packet, please send them with your members when you send them backstage.  

In previous years, we have asked you to remind them of why they are going backstage.  What award they are to receive? What Section?  The Stage Appearance Cards will help with that, DO NOT forget to send them with the STAGE APPEARANCE CARDS!  THANK YOU! 

ALSO NOTE, if for ANY reason your chapter or winners name doesn’t get said when it should have been or we made an error - please have them let the backstage crew know IMMEDIATELY, we will do our best to correct the mistake and get them/your chapter the intended recognition.  Our goal of course is to be error free, but if and when it happens, the sooner we know about it, the sooner we can do something about it. 

Courtesy Corps      
Click here to view the 2023 Courtesy Corps folder, which includes the guide for workstations, instructions and worker schedules.

Farm Credit Newsroom      
Click here to view the 2023 Illinois FFA Farm Credit Newsroom Schedule for those members and advisors who help cover all things press related for the 95th Annual Illinois FFA State Convention.  Click here to view the folder with additional Farm Credit Newsroom Information.   

Alumni Merchandise      
Alumni Merchandise Booth at the 95th Annual Illinois FFA State Convention, the Illinois FFA Alumni will have their FFA Merchandise Booth at the State FFA Convention on June 13-15, 2023. The booth will be located in the main lobby by the registration area. Be sure to stop by and get your FFA Convention T-Shirt, IL FFA Hats, Glitter Shirts, different types of FFA T-Shirts/Sweatshirts/Sweatpants, FFA blankets, ties/scarfs, pantyhose, vintage items and so much more!

Official Dress      

Teachers, are you struggling with the conversation about the proper official dress?  Are you dreading that conversation when a skirt is too short or students say they only have blue jeans? 

FEAR NOT that conversation any longer…have your students  Click here to check out the proper Official Dress. Do you want to gently remind them that there is an appropriate skirt length, but fear the awkward silence or confusing look on their face when you mention skirt length?  Well, eliminate the silence and “the look” by sharing the appropriate skirt link.  And on the skirt with the red X, it’s preferable it doesn’t get that short OR any shorter.  How about appropriate shoes?  Encourage dress shoes, heels or flats,  in the shoe conversation, it is most important that their shoes should be comfortable and worn at all times at the convention.  

Don’t forget to pack proper Official Dress Jacket, FFA tie/scarf, white shirt, black slacks/skirt, black socks/nylons and black shoes or heels or flats! We want to make sure that you are looking “on point” for the convention! We can’t wait to see you there!!!

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