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Illinois FFA State Officers      
  • President: Gage Miller of Cambridge (Henry County); Cambridge FFA
  • Vice President: Lane Harvey of Fairfield (Wayne County); Fairfield FFA
  • Reporter: Brodee McCormick of Athens (Menard County); Athens FFA
  • Secretary: Collin White of Forest City (Mason County); Midwest Central FFA
  • Treasurer: Emma Freebairn of Ottawa (LaSalle County); Serena FFA

Illinois FFA History      
Illinois schools have had high school agricultural organizations since 1912, and the Smith-Hughes Act in 1917 influenced the expansion of agriculture departments and their activities. However, the Illinois Association of Future Farmers of America was not founded until 1929, one year after the formation of the national organization, as a club for high school farm boys. Mr. J. E. Hill, the State Supervisor of Agriculture Education, was very instrumental in forming the F.F.A. He called a meeting of Illinois agriculture teachers in 1928, and it was there where he introduced the idea of the new club. The educators were reluctant to start something new; however, they met at the University of Illinois on June 12, 1929, and organized the Illinois Association of Future Farmers of America. [Read more]

FFA Association Board of Directors      
Includes: Meeting Minutes
State President - Gage Miller, Cambridge FFA Chapter
State Vice President - Lane Harvey, Fairfield FFA Chapter
State Reporter - Brodee McCormick, Athens FFA Chapter
State Secretary - Collin White, Midwest Central FFA Chapter
State Treasurer - Emma Freebairn, Serena FFA Chapter

District I Adult Rep - Trent Taber, Cambridge FFA Chapter
District II Adult Rep - Jeff Maierhofer, Seneca FFA Chapter
District III Adult Rep - Wyatt McGrew, Macomb FFA Chapter
District IV Adult Rep - Jacalyn Meisner, Blue Ridge FFA Chapter
District V Adult Rep - Tim McDermott, Waterloo FFA Chapter 

District I Student Rep - Margaret Vaessen, Amboy FFA Chapter
District II Student Rep - Avery Plote, SLS FFA Chapter
District III Student Rep - Lauren Saxe, Pittsfield FFA Chapter
District IV Student Rep - Morgan Jones, Tuscola  FFA Chapter
District V Student Rep - Jordi Oliver, Vienna FFA Chapter 

University Rep - Dr. Debra Korte, UIUC
FCAE Rep - Dean Dittmar, FCAE State Coordinator

Past Officers & Award Recipients      
Includes: Honorary State FFA Degree Recipients, Honorary American FFA Degree Recipients, National FFA Officers from IL, and Past state officers.

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