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  SIUC: Virtual Horticulture CDE  
  SIUC Agricultural Sciences  4/7/2021 12:12:00 PM  



SIU Virtual Horticulture CDE on April 16, 2020 at 10:00 am.  (CST)

The contest is open to any FFA chapter nationwide. Our contest will include the following divisions: Illinois Varsity, Illinois JV, Illinois Alternate, and a National Invitational Division.  Cost is $5 per contestant.


This contest will include:

  • Written Test - Complete a written examination on general horticulture. This exam consists of 50 multiple choice and/or True/False questions; a Scantron sheet is used to record student responses to questions (100 points). 
  • Identify 50 plant materials which may include: (300 points) 
    a.            Bulbs, undergrounds stems, or plants
    b.            Bedding plants
    c.             Foliage plants
    d.            Flowering container plants
    e.            Cut flowers and foliage
    f.             Herbs
    g.            Herbaceous perennials
    h.            Ground covers and vines
    i.              Deciduous shrubs
    j.             Deciduous trees
    k.            Broadleaf evergreens
    l.              Coniferous plants 
  •  Practicums

o    Nursery Landscape Tool ID  

      • Twenty-five (25) pieces of equipment from the following list will be displayed for participants to identify by technical names.  Each piece of equipment will be designated by a number.  Samples to identify may include a picture or the actual item. 
    • Pruning Nursery Stock  
      • This practicum is designed to evaluate participants' knowledge of and ability in 1) assessing the problem presented, 2) reviewing alternative courses of action based on individual knowledge or reference information provided, and 3) deciding on a solution.  Possible solutions will be presented in multiple-choice form for the participant to mark on a score sheet. 
      • One or more nursery plants will be displayed with points marked for possible pruning cuts. No plant will actually be pruned.  Participants are to evaluate each labeled point and decide if the plant part should be pruned or not for the improvement of the plant's health, form, and overall quality.  The answer choice then will be the combination of cuts that should be made. 


The contest will begin on a live zoom session for instructions.  Contestants must attend the zoom to get instructions and receive the link to the contest materials.


We ask that all participants be on zoom 15 minutes prior to the contest start time to ensure the contest starts on time. The contest will be allowed 3 hours to complete.


We will be using the electronic judging card scoresheet.


Please make sure you know your students know their chapter ID number before the contest begins.


There is a two part registration process for this event. 


  1. Chapters must register with Judging Card.  All costs will be billed through your Judging Card account.  This will register your school only. 


Judging Card Registration Link:


2.       All individual contestants must register at this link:


After completing the individual registration form, participants will be sent the link to the zoom via email. 


Feel free to contact SIU for additional information at or

SIUC Agricultural Sciences
Southern Illinois University
Phone: 618-453-2469 Cell: --
Address: 1205 Lincoln Drive, Mail Code 4416, Carbondale, IL 62901
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