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Roster Questions      
  • How do I add students to the roster? 

    • Each time a new semester or course starts, students in that course should go through the "add new student" process. Find both teacher and student guides and how-to video on the Educator Resources page, right-side menu. 

    • **Update Spring 2022** AET accounts are no longer created automatically by IL AgEd- student accounts in AET must be opt-in. Follow instructions in the link above to create AET accounts after your students have been entered in your IL AgEd roster.


    My student went through the “add new student” process now they are not listed in the Student Roster page- what happened?

    • After a student adds themselves or updates their courses, they are put into the “Pending Approval” section of the student roster area- this option only appears when you have students to approve. The student account is placed into a temporary inactive status until you approve them (this step is to prevent a student from setting up inappropriate or duplicate accounts).


  • A student is now listed on my Inactive Students list- how do I get them back to active?

    • To move them back to “active” status, click Student Roster -> (upper blue bar) click Inactive Students -> click “reactivate” link before that students’ name. 


  • I have a duplicate student in my roster, how do I fix it?

    • First, verify the AET ID # of the student entry you wish to remove. Go to your AET account and verify which instance of the student has active SAEs set up in their SAE manager.

    • Note: If the student has active records in two different accounts within AET, they cannot be combined. The student will manually have to move things over from one book to the other before you close one out.

    • Verify the instance of the student you want to remove does not have courses associated with it. Ensure that there are courses enrolled for the instance of the student that you DO wish to keep.

    • Click Student Roster then choose the red X before the instance of the student you wish to remove. That will move the student over to “inactive” status.

    • If you accidentally paid membership dues for the “wrong instance” of a student (for example, they accidentally created a 2nd AET profile for themself then you paid dues for that account) you can make that paid membership account for the wrong AET ID point to the correct AET ID by clicking the wrong account, then on AET ID dropdown, select the correct AET ID that the FFA membership should be connected to. 

    • If you have ANY QUESTIONS please contact Tammy Yard or Luke Allen.


  • What happens to inactive students?

    • All students who are not in a current course need to be in the Inactive status. To move them back to “active” status, click Student Roster -> (upper blue bar) click Inactive Students -> click “reactivate” link before that students’ name. 


  • I have a student who is missing a previous years’ FFA membership. How do I add that?

    • Contact Tammy at the Illinois FFA Center. 


  • I accidentally submitted a student twice for FFA membership, can this be un-done?

    • This would only happen if a student adds themself twice to the course roster system. Please check to make sure you don’t have duplicates in the system before submitting FFA membership.

    • If the submission has been sent to State but not yet been sent to National, it can be un-done. Contact Tammy at the Illinois FFA Center.

    • If the submission has already been sent to National, it cannot be reversed and the funds cannot be recovered.  


  • I had a student transfer in from another state- how do I move them into my roster? 

    • Have your student create an account by the normal process on the IL AgEd website and register themself in the correct class. Once you have approved them, enter their profile and enter their National FFA Membership Number in the FFA ID field. Illinois FFA Center can find that number for you. If you do this before you submit your roster, it will sync their FFA account to your school. 


Curriculum Resources      

Where do I find the Illinois Curriculum lesson plans, PPTs, or E-Units?

  • Curriculum resources are now provided to you in the Illinois AgEd website. 
  • Login and look in your dashboard on the left side- choose Curriculum.
  • View this video to learn how to search for materials.
  • Agriculture teachers are still able to subscribe to but schools will have to pay for their own subscriptions directly with MyCAERT.

  • How do I register for events?

    • On the left menu of your dashboard, choose Event Registration. 

  • How do I view past registrations/events?

    • On the Event Registrations menu, in the blue bar at the top choose Past Events.

  • Can I register a spot for an event without assigning a name to it?

    • Some events will allow you to purchase registrations without declaring the student name at the time of registration (for example, 212 or FFA Camp). You will have the opportunity later to browse back to that registration to input the final name of the student you wish to bring.

     If you have any questions about event registrations, please contact Patti Davis.

  • How can I view my invoices and receipts?

    • On the left menu of your dashboard, choose Account Balances then click the link for the account balance you wish to view. Even if the balance is $0.00 you can click the link to view the account history.

    • From this account view you can see payment history and if you have a balance you can pay be credit card (a link will appear on the top right of the page if you have a negative balance).

If you have any questions about accounting or billing, please contact

Vo-Ag Fair Questions      
Feel free to submit questions!

Video: How to look up vo-ag fair payments

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