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  Updated Agronomy Results  
  John Edgar  12/17/2019 8:00:00 AM  

After an appeal was made regarding the keys from Saturday's Agronomy CDE, an error was found in the ID of insect specimen #8. The key posted and provided was correct in that the specimen was a corn earworm larva. However, the key was incorrect by labeling the ID as #18 (which is actually corn rootworm larva), and should have been #17. 

The IAVAT Board of Directors was notified of this discrepancy, and has voted to update the results accordingly.

While point values change slightly, the overall superior team results are not affected.

However, individual superior results are updated as follows:

1st Place Lance Mitchell Olney 367
2nd Place Levi Steffen Eureka 365
3rd Place Travis Wilke Olney 358
4th Place Jenna Goslin Seneca 355
5th Place Burke Wettstein Eureka 347
6th Place Jasmine Miles Paxton-Buckley-Loda 343
7th Place Levi Maierhofer Seneca 338
8th Place Nick Baker Olney 328
9th Place Hannah Meffert Midland 325
10th Place Coy Crull Mt. Carmel 325
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