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  Elite Conference  
  Megan Coy  8/14/2023 1:55:00 PM  


The Elite Conference Registration is now open for high school students interested in pursuing a career in agricultural education!  

The need for agriculture teachers in the state of Illinois and nationwide are very high.  This one-day workshop gives students with an interest in teaching a chance to explore the possibilities agriculture education has to offer.  It is a great opportunity to meet other students with similar interests, talk with college and university representatives and get any questions answered.  This event will be held on September 22nd, 2023!  

We would like to stress that teachers invite students that have a sincere interest in agricultural education to attend.  Included in this email are 2 word documents: a personal invite to the student and a letter to the parent/guardian of the student invited.  These special documents provide an element of distinction for this event.  NOTE: Please read and revise, as they are not "just print" documents!

This year we will be have a track for those that are first time attendees and those that have attended in the past.  We ask that students that have participated two times do not attend again.  Registration space is limited so make sure to get students registered early.  Also consider having students check out, compete in the Illinois FFA Ag Ed CDE, participate in a GAST grant or start an SAE project! 


When: Friday September 22, 2023; Est Time: 9:30 AM -2:30 PM
Where: Heartland Community College Normal, IL
Dress: Official FFA Dress, or equivalent (dress shirt, dress pants or skits)
Registration- please direct your students to complete!  (Registration will stay open till September 12th)

If there are any questions, please email them to

Megan Coy
Facilitating Coordination in Ag Education (FCAE)
Phone: 217-493-8791 Cell: 217-493-8791
Address: 801 N. Country Fair Dr, Champaign, IL 61820
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