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  Sept 9 IL AITC FarmWeek Bellringer  
  Lucas Allen  9/11/2019 10:47:00 AM  

Posted on behalf of Kevin Daugherty at Illinois Ag In The Classroom

September 9, 2016

Another in the series of Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom non-fiction text examples to be used in your classroom.  Remember, these will be available every MONDAY afternoon that FarmWeek is published during the school year.


Questions about this can be directed to Kevin Daugherty, Education Director of Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom at


**Reminder these questions are designed to use with the on-line version of FarmWeek.


Note, by request of teachers we have included the answers to the questions immediately following the questions. 


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Counties, state await FEMA Decisions on disaster aid


NAME:________________________________                  CLASS PERIOD______

Directions: Please use the online version of FarmWeek.

Use the article titled:  Counties, state await FEMA decisions on disaster aid

  1. Define the term FEMA.
  2. How many counties in Illinois are applying for federal reimbursement costs?
  3. What was the cause of the disaster in Illinois for which our state is seeking the disaster assistance?
  4. When does a county qualify for public assistance?
  5. What grants are covered by individual assistance?
  6. When might Illinois determine if they will receive assistance?
  7. When did Illinois last receive federal assistance?
  8. Reflect on the article about assistance.Give reasons you think Illinois will or will not qualify for this assistance.Include other events that might qualify for assistance over the Illinois issue, as well as reasonsyou think Illinois should receive this assistance.

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