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The Illinois FFA Center Administrative Council is the governing entity of the Illinois FFA Center, representing the Illinois Association FFA, Illinois Foundation FFA, IAVAT, IACCAI, IL PAS, IL FFA Alumni and FCAE.  Governing boards of the member organizations provide representatives to serve as the Administrative Council member board. The eight main purposes of the Administrative council are as follows:
  • to coordinate functions of the Illinois FFA Center to more effectively support the member organizations.
  • to provide a structure for articulation of major state activities involving member organizations
  • to facilitate communication of member organizations' goals and visions to create and evaluate common vision for the Illinois FFA Center
  • to plan, develop, implement, and monitor the annual administrative budget
  • to annually evaluate the position performance of the Executive Staff of the Illinois FFA Center.
  • to review, evaluate, and recommend capital equipment expenditures for the Illinois FFA Center.
  • to establish priorities at the Illinois FFA Center relative to assisting related support organizations.
  • to be ultimately responsible for evaluating, promoting, hiring, and terminating Illinois FFA Center personnel.

The Illinois FFA Center Administrative Council chair position is held by the IAVAT past president. 

The Administrative Council meets quarterly. Bylaws may be found here.

Membership in the Administrative Council is composed of 14 representatives of member organizations.
  • 3-Current and two immediate past Illinois FFA Presidents
  • 3-Illinois Foundation FFA
  • 3-Illinois Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers (Past President, President, and Vice President) 
  • 2-Illinois FFA Alumni and Supporters
  • 1-Illinois Association of Community College Agriculture Instructors
  • 1-Illinois PAS President
  • 1-FCAE Representative

2023-2024 Members

Past President -  Donna Page (Rochelle)
22/23 President - Joshua Berg (Okawville)
22/23 Vice President - Kirsten Wyatt (Paxton-Buckley-Loda)

Illinois Foundation FFA: 
Chair -Karen Schieler
Vice Chair of Sponsorships -Julie Hewitt
Vice Chair of Local Collection Drive - Alexis Asher

Illinois Association FFA:
22/23 President -Rachel Hood (Rushville-Industry)
23/24 President - Thaddeus Bergschneider (Franklin)
Adult Representative - Wyatt McGrew

Illinois FFA Alumni: 
President -Bill Kittinger
Vice President -Rich DeSchepper

Past President - Brad Angus


2023 - 2024 3rd Vice - President - Kara Freebairn

State Coordinator - Jennifer Waters


  Admin Council Updates
Fall 2021 Admin Council Update

Grievance Policy
As per the resolution passed at IAVAT Conference, the Administrative Council has set up the following guidelines for dealing with a grievance. 

What is a Grievance? A grievance is a formal complaint against an employee or person of the organization. The grievance could be a real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest, especially unfair treatment. 

Step 1: Speak with the grieved to resolve the issue. 

Step 2: If no resolution can be met, the issue is to be brought to the leadership of your organization. 

Step 3: The aggrieved will be notified. 

Step 4: Data/facts will be gathered by the organization. 

Step 5: Verbal conversations between organization leadership, aggrieved and aggriever will be held with a moderator. 

Step 6: Organization will notify the administrative council of the issue and the resolution/result of the grievance. Step 7: If the grievance is not resolved, the administrative council will take action.


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