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American Agriculture‚Äôs Share of World Production      
While learning about USA agricultural import and exports, the students will use data
from charts to do math calculations using fractions and decimals. They will also convert
chart information into a bar graph.

Corn & Soybean Processing      
Why do farmers grow so much corn and soybeans? How are these crops used?
Students will explore the wealth of products derived from these two humble seeds,
research the steps involved in their processing, and conduct experiments to discover
why they are so versatile.

Corn Plant Genetics      
This activity illustrates the role chromosomes have in how genes are inherited from
parent to offspring.

Crop Swap: Rotating Crops for Sustainability      
Just as humans extract nutrients from the foods we eat, crops extract nutrients from the
soil. When we run short on nutrients, we eat more food. But what happens to soil when
its nutrients are depleted? This lesson addresses one of several important tools farmers
can use to sustain the soil and maximize crop health.

Exploring Types of Seeds Monocots & Dicots      
Students will identify the parts of a seed, learn about germination, and compare the
growth of monocots and dicots.

Farm Crops and Animals Logic Puzzle      
A logic puzzle is a problem that can be solved using deductive reasoning. A deduction
is a logical conclusion drawn from two or more true statements. One common type of
logic puzzle involves a tool known as an elimination grid. In this activity, students will
learn about farm crops and animals then use an elimination grid to solve a puzzle.

George Washington Carver      
George Washington Carver has been called “the Father of the Peanut Industry.” In fact,
he is known for inventing hundreds of products from peanuts. Learn more about this
important innovator and the role he played in American history.

Growing Illinois Agriculture by River, Rail, & Road      
How did Illinois become a major supplier of agricultural products to the United States
and the world? It’s a fascinating story that begins with rivers.

Illinois Agricultural Commodities Income      
Students will learn about Illinois commodities income while using graph interpretation
and basic math skills, including fractions, decimals, and using large numbers.

Peanut Production      
Peanuts are America’s favorite nut. Learn about the global popularity of the peanut by
interpreting tables and maps.

Percent Germination for a Soybean Sample      
Students will germinate seeds and graph their growth. Graphing, fractions, percentages
and decimals will be used by students.

Plant Experiments      
Students will have an opportunity to explore the scientific method by designing mini
experiments within a whole class experiment.

Sprouting Success in Illinois from North to South      
Choosing plants that are best to grow in your area is an important first step in having a
successful crop. A good place to start is to research plants that are best suited for your
growing zone.

Tassel to Table      
Students will learn about the path corn takes from the field into food products we use
every day. This lesson explores careers throughout the process, as well supply issues
that can affect the food supply chain.

Tassel to Table Power Point

Students will be able to observe the water cycle and how different types of seeds
germinate and grow.

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