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A Career “IST” Search      
BUGS! Some people just don’t like them and will swat, stomp, scream or run from
them. But if you have students who find them “interesting,” maybe they should consider
a career as an entomologist. Entomology is the study of insects and is a combination of
agriculture, botany, zoology, biology and horticulture. Use this activity to explore the
many different occupations that embrace the study of insects and agriculture.

A Day in the Life of ...      
What’s the buzz about bees? Students will investigate the three types of honey bees in
a colony, identify their roles, and recognize honey bees as part of a community that
works together.

Beekeeper Economics      
Students will use calculation skills to find answers to problems concerning beekeepers.

Beyond the Bug      
How often have you heard someone say, “Eww, a bug!” Maybe you’ve even said it
yourself! But insects play an important role in our everyday lives—and not just as
pollinators or producers of honey. In this lesson, students will discover several other
ways humans use insects.

Butterfly Wingspan Graphing      
Students will use data from a chart to make a bar graph. They will also work with
fractions, decimals and percentages.

Examination of the Body of a Grasshopper      
Students will explore the parts of a grasshopper as they learn about what the
characteristics are of an insect.

From Hatch to Harvest: The New Food Frontier      
The eating of insects, entomophagy, is practiced in many countries. Insects have a
high protein, vitamin and mineral content. The farming of insects takes very little use of
natural resources. For these reasons, the practice pf entomophagy s considered one of
the solutions to feeding the world as the population grows.

Insect Life Cycles      
As students explore the life cycles of insects, they will learn about complete and
incomplete metamorphosis. Along the way they will learn more about pheromones
insects use.

Insect Logic Puzzle      
A logic puzzle is a problem that can be solved using deductive reasoning. A deduction
is a logical conclusion drawn from two or more true statements. One common type of
logic puzzle involves a tool known as an elimination grid. In this activity, students will
learn about insects then use an elimination grid to solve a puzzle.

Integrated Pest Management      
Students will learn about Integrated Pest Management by making decisions for an
inherited potato farm, realize the consequences of their decisions and discover how
supply and demand affect commodity prices.

Intergrated Pest Management Power Point

It Starts with “M”... Monarchs, Milkweed, Migration and More!      
A is for apple and B is for bat. Many students have learned the alphabet by relating a
common object with each letter. In this activity, students will use this same principle to
share information that they discover through Monarch butterfly research.

The Boll Weevil      
The boll weevil was a highly destructive insect to cotton crops in the South. As a result,
Carver introduced crop rotation. Students will learn about monuments including the Boll
Weevil Monument, including the Boll Weevil Monument, as well as how cotton and
peanut production have changed over the years.

What’s for Lunch?      
Students will learn about food chains and create their own. Students will also use
research materials to learn about an insect of their choice.

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