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Agriculture Measures Up      
Students will need to use problem-solving methods and everyday math to make a
common decision of how much fertilizer to purchase to nourish their lawn. By calculating
the area of the lot, driveway, patio, house and garage, each student will determine the
number of bags of fertilizer needed to cover only the space left for grass.

Say It With Soil      
Words can have such an impact! Soils have been a topic of conversation for centuries.
Read through a collection of quotes that talk about the importance of soil. Pick one and
see if you can determine why the author might have said this and what is the author’s
connection to soil. Are these quotes still relevant to today or are they archaic thoughts?

Soil Erosion      
Has soil erosion increased or decreased in the last decades? Students will use soil
erosion data to complete mathematical problems and in the drawing and use of a bar

Soil Logic Puzzle      
A logic puzzle is a problem that can be solved using deductive reasoning. A deduction
is a logical conclusion drawn from two or more true statements. One common type of
logic puzzle involves a tool known as an elimination grid. In this activity, students will
learn about making an edible soil profile and then use an elimination grid to solve a
puzzle. Students may also make an edible soil profile.

Soil Search, Sample, & Analysis      
In this lesson, students will prepare soil samples from a variety of areas to test the pH

Soil: The Secret of Our Survival      
Every day, most of us look down on a substance that helps sustain our very lives. We
ignore it, trample it, or try to wash it away. In this lesson, students will complete a web
quest to explore important aspects of one of our most important natural resources. They
will then choose a specific soil topic and dig deeper (see what we did there?) for more
information. With this information, students will develop infographics, PSAs, or videos to
raise awareness of soil’s importance.

The Dust Bowl      
What happens when a combination of drought, poor farming practices and high winds
turns millions of acres of the Great Plains into a wasteland that kills crops, livestock and
the dreams of many homesteaders?

What is Soil?      
What is in the soil below our feet, our plants, our roads, and our buildings? Students will
explore what soil is composed of, as well as the textures of soil. They will act out how
water moves through various types of soil.

Understanding the Soil Triangle      
Students will use the soil triangle to find what types of soil they have and to find various
geometric shapes found within the triangle.

The wealth of Illinois      
Who decides which birds, mammals, and other items become our state symbols? In this
lesson, students will learn how a bill becomes a law as they dig into the establishment
of our state soil.

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