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Chicken Riddle      
How many chickens will the average American consume in their lifetime? Make math
fun as your students complete a series of 3-digit addition and subtraction equations. If
they solve the problems correctly, they will be able to answer the riddle!

Chicken Wings      
Despite the popularity of chicken wings as a snack or meal item, many people do not
realize the similarities between chicken wings and the human arm. By dissecting a
chicken wing, students will identify the parts of the wing that mirror those of a human

Egg Anatomy      
When you crack open an egg for cooking or baking, do you ever think about the parts
inside? What is the actual purpose for each part of an egg? This lesson will have
students investigating, identifying, and diagramming each part of the egg—a food
ingredient we generally don’t think much about beyond the final food product for which
they are used.

Egg Farming Then and Now      
Eggs show up scrambled on our breakfast plates, hard-boiled in our lunch bags, in
fancy frittatas on our supper tables, and baked into countless cookies and cakes. We
eat a LOT of eggs, but where do they come from, and how are they produced? Engage
students in inquiry, sequencing, comparing, and contrasting as they reflect on eggs as
human food and examine egg production over time.

Egg Logic Puzzle      
A logic puzzle is a problem that can be solved using deductive reasoning. A deduction
is a logical conclusion drawn from two or more true statements. One common type of
logic puzzle involves a tool known as an elimination grid. In this activity, students will
learn about eggs then use an elimination grid to solve a puzzle.

Embryology Terminology      
Use this lesson as an interest approach to spark student interest in the incubation
process and to become familiar with terms that may be used during an embryology unit.
This may also be used as an assessment tool.

Hatch Time Graphing      
When you see eggs in a bird’s nest in the spring, do you ever wonder how long it takes
them to hatch? What about chickens—do their eggs take the same length of time to
hatch as that of the doves in your yard? Students will practice graphing skills as they
compare the incubation period of ten different birds.

Poultry Dishes Around the World      
What’s your favorite way to eat chicken? Is it chicken nuggets dipped in honey mustard,
a spicy chicken sandwich, or crispy fried chicken? What impact do your family traditions
have on what you like to eat? This lesson engages students in geography as it
celebrates the cultures of ten different countries.

Poultry Jeopardy      
What’s more fun than learning while playing a game? Students will create their own
Jeopardy-style game by researching poultry facts.

Shell Porosity      
Shell porosity? Osmosis? Egg magic? By conducting and observing these
“egg”speriments, students will gain a deeper understanding of some parts of an egg.

The Nutritious Egg      
Eggs contain the highest quality protein known. It is second only to mother’s milk for
human nutrition. Eggs also have all 9 essential amino acids that a human body cannot
manufacture. Learn more about this nutritional powerhouse.

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