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The Agricultural Sales CDE consists of activities closely related to the entire sales process. Participants are tested on their verbal, written, and interactive communication skills. They must demonstrate product knowledge, including features and benefits of a product, potential customer objections to a product, and proper product use. Participants are asked to exhibit skills in the sales process, such as identifying prospective customers, introducing a product to a customer, planning and conducting a sales call, and closing a sale. In addition, participants are evaluated on maintaining customers and handling customer complaints.

Current Rules & Scoresheets      
NameDate AddedSize
2023-2024 Ag Sales Rules 10/5/2023 457 KB
Calculator Clarification 8/4/2023 4945 KB

Contest Resources      
NameDate AddedSize
Sample_Ag_Sales_Test_Key 8/21/2019 99 KB
Sample_Ag_Sales_Test 8/21/2019 96 KB
Ag_Sales_Test_2_with_key 8/21/2019 35 KB
Ag_Sales_Test_2 8/21/2019 35 KB
Ag_Sales_CDE_Test_5_with_Key 8/21/2019 86 KB
Ag_Sales_CDE_Test_4_with_key 8/21/2019 86 KB
Ag_Sales_CDE_Test_3_with_Key 8/21/2019 35 KB

Archived Rules & Resources      
NameDate AddedSize
2020 IL Ag Sales Company Details 8/24/2021 176 KB
2020 IL Ag Sales Marketing Materials 8/24/2021 697 KB
2020 IL Ag Sales Product Info 8/24/2021 614 KB
2021-2022 Ag Sales Rules 8/8/2022 457 KB
2022-2023 Ag Sales Rules 10/5/2023 457 KB
Agricultural Sales Rules (Word) 10/1/2019 480 KB
Fall 2019 Ag Sales Rules 8/26/2020 22 KB
Fall 2020 Ag Sales Rules 10/21/2021 23 KB


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