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Participants in the Dairy Foods Career Development Event will focus on areas of milk quality and consumer demand. The event components will include identifying conditions that affect fluid milk off-flavors and determining the cause of the problem; identifying and scoring milk samples using the California Mastitis Test; identifying dairy and nondairy products; participating in a team problem that will solve a selected situation relating to sanitation, marketing, and distribution or other issues in the dairy health area; completing a written examination on milk production, quality, and milk marketing; and identifying cheeses.


Current Rules & Scoresheets      
NameDate AddedSize
2023-2024 Dairy Foods Rules 8/8/2023 16 KB
Calculator Clarification 8/4/2023 4945 KB
Dairy Foods Scansheet (PDF) 1/30/2019 86 KB

Contest Resources      
NameDate AddedSize
Dairy_Products_Sample_Test_1 8/21/2019 36 KB
Dairy_Products_Sample_Test_2 8/21/2019 34 KB
How to Make Milk Samples 8/18/2021 1744 KB
Sample_Dairy_Food_Test_1_KEY 8/21/2019 45 KB
Sample_Dairy_Foods_Test_1 8/21/2019 86 KB

Archived Rules & Resources      
NameDate AddedSize
2021-2022 Dairy Foods Rules 8/8/2022 16 KB
2022-2023 Dairy Foods Rules 8/8/2023 23 KB
Dairy Foods Rules (Word) 10/1/2019 16 KB
Fall 2019 Dairy Foods Rules 10/21/2021 22 KB


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