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Rochelle Township High School  (District 1)  - Agriculture/Science Teacher

Rochelle Township High School, located in Section 2, is looking for an additional Agriculture/ Science teacher for start of the 2020-2021 school year.   This position includes a competitive salary (base salary starts at $38,515), assistant FFA stipend, full paid TRS, full single health insurance and dental, and $20,000 Term Life Insurance.  The 3 Circles grant is currently offered and will be negotiable based upon the successful candidate.


This award-winning program boasts a variety of agricultural and science-based courses and an active FFA chapter.  Current facilities include agriscience classrooms, greenhouse (with headhouse), and mechanics shop.  Courses taught will be based on the strengths and certifications of the individual.


Additionally, RTHS operates a Professional Learning Community (PLC) with weekly teacher collaboration time and student interventions.  Co-curricular participation is encouraged and should be noted in resume/cover letters.


Applicants must have a valid Type 09 certificate and meet highly qualified status.  Additional endorsements are encouraged.  Please note them on your resume.

Contact Person

Send resume and letter of interest to Chris Lewis, Principal, via email at  RTHS is actively looking to hire this position so if interested, do not wait to send your information. 


Somonauk High School  (District 2)  - Ag Teacher/Co-FFA Advisor
Accepted by Jenny Wold
Contact Person

Marquette Academy  (District 2)  - Agriculture Teacher & FFA Advisor
Marquette High School, located in Ottawa in Section 7, is seeking an enthusiastic teacher who is looking for a program to grow with! They are just starting their second year and have demonstrated significant student and administrative interest.
Next year, classes offered will be Intro to Ag, Plant/Animal Science, Environmental Science, and Biology (if the Ag teacher is willing/able to teach this).  Both full-time and part-time candidates will be considered, and interviews will continue until a great candidate is found. 

Contact Person
For more information, or to apply, contact Ms. Brooke Rick, Principal
Marquette Academy  815-433-0125 Ext 1013. 

John Marshall Metro High School  (District 2)  - Agriculture Teacher & FFA Advisor
John Marshall Metropolitan High School, located in the East Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago, is the oldest Ag program in the City of Chicago. They are seeking an Agriculture Teacher & FFA Advisor who has a passion for urban agriculture and educating students. Courses currently taught include Intro to Ag, Ag Science, and Ag Business.  The program has large lab-style classroom, prep/storage space, walk-in cooler, greenhouse with aquaculture equipment, and a 1/4 acre urban farm including a high tunnel, poultry, and beekeeping facilities.

Contact Person
Interested candidates should email Amy Romito to express interest. 

Chicago High School for Ag Sciences  (District 2)  - Ag Finance & Economics Teacher & Co-FFA Advisor

This is a high school teaching position in Agricultural Finance & Economics covering Agribusiness, Sales, Marketing and Financial Management Topics. This position is part of the Chicago Public Schools Career and Technical Education (CTE) program at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.  The Agricultural Finance & Economics program is a series of prescribed courses for grades 10-12 that provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the Agribusiness industry.  Ag Finance delivers industry-based instruction that develops student competencies leading to postsecondary education and employment.  Students develop knowledge and skills necessary to operate a business and market garden and an understanding of finance, sales, marketing and entrepreneurship concepts.  Students currently obtain a certification in Agribusiness Concepts and the school is pursuing information on a Quickbooks certification.


Position Responsibilities:

  1. Provide rigorous and relevant instruction on pre-approved hands-on curriculum in the content area and general work-place readiness.
  2. Integrate soft-skill instruction into competency-based content area activities.
  3. Serve as an Advisor and coach for extracurricular industry relevant competitions, industry exploration activities, professional organizations and postsecondary initiatives. 
  4. Through classroom instruction collaborate with career pathway teachers to operate the school’s Farmstand and other special projects and initiatives.
  5. Show evidence of project-based learning (e.g., competitions, capstone events, etc.)
  6. Collaborate with core content teachers on common course planning, integration and alignment.
  7. Attend all relevant professional development set by the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.
  8. Serve as an advisor for FFA and incorporate FFA into classroom instruction.
  9. Commit to the 3-Circle Model of Agricultural Education as set forth by the National FFA Organization.Incorporate FFA and SAE into all courses.
  10. Maintain and update industry certifications as required by Illinois State Board of Education and Chicago Public Schools.



  • Eligible to receive an ISBE Professional Education License (PEL) in Ag Education or
  • Eligible to receive an ISBE Educator License with Stipulations (ELS(CTE)) in Ag Education
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Ag Education or other Related Field
  • Previous employment experience in industry such as commercial nursery/greenhouse production, landscaping, tree planter and be familiar with methods for field and container production, as well as sustainable practices like hydroponics, botany, cycles of life, insects, natural pest management, companion planting, plant communities, nutrition and health
  • Prior teaching experience
  • Excellent planning, organization, written and verbal communication skills
  • High-level problem solving skills
  • Ability to work in indoor and outdoor agricultural lab environments, including (farm, market garden, barn, etc).
  • Computer literacy and familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Applications
  • Team and detail oriented
Contact Person

William Hook, Principal, or Amy Romito, EFE 010,


Milford High School  (District 2)  - Agriculture Teacher & FFA Advisor
Milford High School, located in Southern Iroquois County in Section 10, is seeking an Agriculture Teacher & FFA Advisor for the 2020-2021 academic year to replace the retiring Kevin Price. Milford recently built a new high school with a very nice classroom, mechanics lab, and land lab. They are in the process of building a new greenhouse. The chapter has an active Alumni and a very supportive administration. Courses taught include Intro to Ag, Basic Ag Science, BSAA Plant & Animal, Ag Business Management, Ag Sales & Marketing, Horticulture, and SAE as a separate course credit.
Salary as per negotiated agreement. Benefits include a signing bonus, health insurance, tuition reimbursement. First year teacher with Bachelors degree $46,703 plus $550.00 per month for insurance. First year teacher signing bonus of $1,099. Tuition reimbursement of $250.00 per semester hour.  Begins in the 2020 -2021 school year.
Contact Person
Send letter of application, resume, transcripts, references, and a copy of teaching certificate to Milford High School C/o Principal Stephen Totheroh, 208 S. Chicago Street , Milford, IL 60953.
IASA Job Bank Link/To Apply

Naperville Central High School  (District 2)  - Companion Animal Biology (Small Animal Science) Teacher

Due to increased enrollment requests, Naperville Central High School is seeking a part time (.2) teacher for Spring 2020 to teach Companion Animal Biology, a Small Animal Science course. Interested candidates applyhere.

Contact Person

Herscher High School  (District 2)  - Agriculture Teacher
Herscher High School, located west of Kankakee in Section 10, is seeking an Agriculture Teacher to join their growing program for the 2020-2021 school year! The have a beautiful new greenhouse, large Ag Mech facilities, a beautiful new commercial Food Science kitchen, and a very supportive administration and Alumni. 
Courses currently taught include Intro to Ag, Horticulture, PSAA, Ag Business, Ag Mech, and Food Science.

Because they are growing their offerings, HHS is planning to add these courses: Ag Construction, Ag Technology, Landscaping/Turf Management, Ag Food Science.  
Contact Person
For more information or to apply, click here.

Gary Comer Youth Center  (District 2)  - Urban Agriculture Instructor & Co-FFA Advisor

The Urban Agriculture Instructor serves as a key member of the innovative urban agriculture initiatives at the Gary Comer Youth Center. The ideal candidate will have a strong background and interest to engage diverse youth with their local environment and to develop opportunities for future leaders in areas such as community development, food access, environmental and social justice, along with broader STEM fields. This is a year-round position within a five-member urban agriculture department. The Urban Agriculture Instructor will develop hands-on, inquiry-based programs for middle and high schoolers to be implemented during in- school and out-of-school-time settings. The instructor will lead teens in work-readiness programs in urban agriculture, landscaping, agriculture-based social enterprises, and related green careers. The Instructor will work alongside teens and young adults in the GCYC network of sustainable outdoor learning environments, which include: a ¼ acre intensive rooftop garden; the Comer Campus, which includes an environmental education garden with woody plants, herbaceous perennials and a culinary garden; along with a 1.75-acre youth education garden featuring a fruit orchard, perennial beds, high tunnels and about 20,000 square feet of vegetable beds.


Essential Functions and Responsibilities

Urban Agriculture

  • Instruct groups of 10 to 20 teens during school, after school and school vacations.
  • Develop and implement urban agriculture curricula and program activities utilizing the GCYC network of gardens.
  • Work both independently and with youth to lead urban agriculture tasks including plant propagation, site preparation/maintenance, planting/transplanting, weed management, integrated pest and disease management, irrigation, harvesting, washing and packing, distribution and food safety.
  • Collaborate with GCYC culinary department to support seed-to-table programming.
  • Assists with the management of part-time instructors, contracted partners and interns.
  • Lead volunteers, groups, tours, workshops and demonstrations.
Contact Person
For more information, or to apply, visit the GCYC website.

Illini Central (Mason City)  (District 3)  - Agriculture Teacher & FFA Advisor
FILLED - Ashley Wall

The successful candidate would be part of the two teacher program with current teacher, Miles Allen. 

Courses to be taught include Horticulture, Middle School Agriculture, Vet Science & Technology, Food Science (2 sections) and Agricultural Communications. 

Facilities include classroom, lab space, agricultural mechanics lab, pollinator garden and land lab. The school is 1:1 with computers.

The program included 63 FFA members and 105 Agricultural Education students in 2018-2019. 

The Illini Central contract is pending for approval in July. The FFA stipend is based on a percentage of the salary.
Contact Person
Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume, and any letters of recommendation to Kirsten Parr at

The position is open until filled.

Unity High School (Mendon)  (District 3)  - Agricultural Education Instructor


Unity High School, located in Mendon, IL in Section 11, is seeking a high school Agricultural Education Instructor.

Courses to be taught include Welding and Construction. The successful candidate will be part of a two teacher program with Mrs. Amy Lucie. The current program consists of 121 unduplicated students and 62 FFA members. Facilities include two classrooms, agricultural mechanics lab, greenhouse and every student has their own computer.


Contact Person
Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and resume to Principal, Bill Dorethy at

Urbana High School  (District 4)  - Agriculture Teacher & FFA Advisor
COURSES TO BE TAUGHT: Introduction to Agriculture, Basic Ag Science, Veterinary Science 
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function in the core expectation areas of planning, delivery of instruction, assessment, instructional environment and professional responsibilities proficiently. The successful High School Teacher:
-Demonstrate effective preparation for instruction
-Applies knowledge gained from staff development and professional educational literature when designing instruction.
-Plans for the use of a variety of teaching materials
-Demonstrates knowledge of subject matter
-Demonstrates ability to implement effective lessons
-Provides for individual differences in learning styles and abilities
-Uses appropriate assessment methods for measuring levels of student achievement
-Evaluates whether assessment results reflect attainment of desired standards
-Uses assessment and evaluation results appropriately for instructional decision making
-Provides feedback consistently to students and parents regarding student achievement
-Establishes a culture for learning
-Organizes the instructional environment and procedures to encourage student learning
-Manages student behavior in a constructive manner
-Demonstrates positive interpersonal relationships with staff, parents, administration and community
-Demonstrates professional work habits following school district and state policies and procedures
-Demonstrates professional development

ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Some teachers may serve as course team leaders, may serve as members of a 9th or 10th grade community team and/or may be required to supervise at a hall duty station. In addition, this position includes serving as the FFA advisor.

-Bachelors Degree, from an accredited college or university, with required licensure and endorsements
-Holds a Valid Illinois Teaching License with the appropriate endorsement(s) to teach high school students in the required discipline/content area (Professional Educator License or Educator License with Stipulations for CTE and/or Agriculture/Science background)
-Bilingual Candidates preferred, but not required
-2-3 years of teaching experience at the high school level except in the case of a new college graduate.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary is based on a step placement which is determined by the education, experience and the Urbana Education Association and Board of Education contract. The 2018-2019 BS+0 was $41,617.

Apply Now:
Contact Person
Questions can be directed to Deloris Brown, Principal (

Oakland High School  (District 4)  - Agriculture Teacher/FFA Advisor

Oakland High School located in Coles County, Section 18 will be hiring an Agriculture teacher and FFA Advisor for the 2020-2021 school year.  Primary duties include teaching the full suite of Ag Education classes including, but not limited to Intro to Ag, Ag Business Mgmt., Ag Science, BSAA (Plants/Animals), Natural Resources, and Landscaping.  Other duties include being faculty sponsor of the FFA program and possibly being a class sponsor.


Salary and benefits are per the collective bargaining agreement with the Oakland Education Association. The Ag Ed position is a ten month position per the collective bargaining agreement.  Application deadline is currently 10/25/19.


Send formal letter of interest, resume with references, copy of certificate(s), & transcripts to:


Mrs. Amanda Coffey

310 N Teeter St

Oakland, IL 61943


Contact Person
Questions about the position can be sent to Mrs. Coffey by phone 217.346.2166 or by email

Sullivan High School  (District 4)  - Ag Teacher/FFA Advisor
Sullivan High School, located in Section 16, is looking for an Agriculture teacher and advisor for the award-winning FFA program for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.  The position includes a competitive salary with an extended contract of up to 60 days. 

Sullivan High School has one of the most highly respected ag programs in the state with a strong community/alumni support system.  Facilities and equipment include a greenhouse, aquaculture system, mechanics shop including welding, electrical, and surveying equipment, and agriscience laboratory equipment.  Courses that would likely be taught next year include Agricultural Sales and Marketing, Agricultural Science, Intro to Agriculture, Bio Science Applications/Greenhouse Production and Management, and Physical Science (though Ag Mechanics and Technology is a possibility as well). 
Contact Person
If interested, please email a letter of application, resume, unofficial transcripts, references, and a copy of teaching certificate to Principal Daniel Allen at or mail to Sullivan High School c/o Principal Daniel Allen, 725 N. Main St., Sullivan, IL 61951.    

Nokomis High School  (District 4)  - Agriculture Teacher/FFA Advisor

Vacancy- Nokomis High School Ag Teacher/FFA Advisor

Nokomis High School, located in Montgomery county & Section 19, is looking for an Agriculture teacher and FFA advisor for the 2020-2021 school year.  The successful candidate will join a two person agriculture department and teach a variety of junior high and high school agriculture courses.  Candidate must be able to expand and modify curriculum and daily lesson plan to meet student needs. 

Salary and benefits are determined via the collective bargaining agreement.  FFA sponsorship is available. 

Please send a cover letter, resume, a photocopy of college transcripts, a photocopy of teaching license (if available) and three letters of recommendation to the following:

Contact Person
Dr. Scott E. Doerr, Superintendent
Nokomis CUSD #22
511 Oberle Street
Nokomis, IL 62075

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