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Mindy Bunselmeyer Virtual CDE Registration, Honorary State FFA Degrees, State Officer Candidate Resumes, Professional Development Opportunity 5/26/2020 7:00 PM
Kevin Daugherty IAITC May 26, 2020 FarmWeek Bellringer 5/25/2020 8:00 AM
Jennifer Waters Ag Education Vacancy: Illini Central High School 5/21/2020 3:31 PM
Mindy Bunselmeyer Convention Delegates, Census Updates, IAVAT Conference Hotel, Service Awards, Delegate Registration & Virtual Trivia Night 5/21/2020 1:43 PM
Casey Bolin Post-Secondary Curriculum Planning Collaboration 5/20/2020 12:13 PM
Mindy Bunselmeyer IAVAT Bd Updates, Virtual CDEs, Illinois Corn Update, FFA Proficiency Award and Agriscience Updates 5/19/2020 2:00 PM
Lucas Allen Reminder: Community College Instructor Online Chat Today 5/19/2020 1:22 PM
Kevin Daugherty May 19, 2020 IAITC FarmWeek Bellringer 5/18/2020 10:00 AM
Lucas Allen New Teaching Vacancy: Iroquois West 5/14/2020 10:24 AM
Jennifer Waters Ag Education Vacancy: Lewistown High School 5/13/2020 2:00 PM
Jennifer Waters Ag Education Vacancy: Jacksonville High School 5/13/2020 1:02 PM
Mindy Bunselmeyer Illinois FFA Alumni Updates 5/12/2020 3:17 PM
Mindy Bunselmeyer 2020 Officer Candidates, IAVAT Updates, Virtual Convention Photos Needed 5/12/2020 1:54 PM
Kevin Daugherty IAITC FarmWeek Bellringer May 12, 2020 5/11/2020 4:44 PM
Megan Coy Lake Land College Livestock Juding Reasons Webinar 5/11/2020 1:45 PM
Nick Wherley Q/A's with FFA Alums in ACES 5/11/2020 12:32 PM
Megan Coy Ag Ed CDE Materials Due Friday 5/6/2020 1:20 PM
Lucas Allen Feature your College on Monday on our Facebook Live! 5/5/2020 5:21 PM
Kevin Daugherty What does the Non-Ag Consumer think of the food supply chain? 5/5/2020 5:00 PM
Mindy Bunselmeyer Convention Hotels and Census Grant Opportunity 5/5/2020 3:41 PM
Mindy Bunselmeyer 92nd Annual Illinois FFA Convention Update 5/4/2020 3:57 PM
Kevin Daugherty May 5, 2020 IAITC FarmWeek Bellringer 5/4/2020 10:00 AM
Gary Ochs Happy Teacher Appreciation Week 5/4/2020 8:00 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer National Chapter Award Applications Received So Far 5/1/2020 11:56 AM
Erica Thieman FY20 Three Circle FFA & SAE Grant - What Hours Count? 5/1/2020 11:13 AM
Megan Coy Vacancy- Rantoul High School Ag Teacher/FFA Advisor 5/1/2020 10:54 AM
Steven Still Illinois Ag Ed Survey - Reminder 4/30/2020 11:39 AM
Dean Dittmar Sad to Announce - Burt Swanson 4/30/2020 10:07 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer 2020 Illinis FFA State Proficiency Award Winners - CONGRATULATIONS! 4/29/2020 4:15 PM
Megan Coy IL Ag Career Corner College Days 4/29/2020 3:38 PM
Lucas Allen College & University Instructor file sharing resource 4/28/2020 9:21 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer Celebrate Illinois FFA Center Staff, an Illinois Ag Teacher, Illinois FFA members and SEVERAL Updates 4/28/2020 7:00 AM
Kevin Daugherty 2020 Chapter President Award and Harvest for All Applications Due MAY 1. 4/27/2020 6:03 PM
Jennifer Waters Ag Education Vacancy: Farmington High School - Additional Position 4/27/2020 10:18 AM
Kevin Daugherty IAITC FarmWeek Bell Ringer 4/28 4/27/2020 10:00 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer State Convention and Convention CDE/LDE Survey 4/26/2020 11:00 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer 2020 State Proficiency Finalist Photo Upload 4/24/2020 10:29 AM
Jay Solomonson Canceled- Sauk Valley Community College Briggs and Stratton Engines Workshop 4/24/2020 9:16 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer National Chapter Award Judges NEEDED, Virtual Contests, Illinois Foundation FFA April Update 4/22/2020 7:00 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer State Proficiency Award Clarifications 4/21/2020 7:16 PM
Jay Solomonson *Canceled- District 1 Ag Ed CDE and Agriscience Fair 4/21/2020 8:18 AM
Megan Coy Rescheduled: Invitational Marketing Plan CDE 4/20/2020 3:05 PM
Kevin Daugherty April 21, 2020 IAITC FarmWeek Bellringer 4/20/2020 10:00 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer SUNDAY NIGHT SPECIAL - State Proficiency Interview Schedule, NEW sign up for NCA Judging, CELEBRATE Illinois FFA Members 4/19/2020 9:27 PM
Nick Wherley Emergency Meals-to-You program for rural schools 4/17/2020 1:45 PM
Casey Bolin Teaching Vacancy- Chester 4/16/2020 2:14 PM
Dean Dittmar Sad to Announce - Merl Holt of Olney 4/16/2020 11:25 AM
Jay Solomonson Vacancy- Pecatonica High School 4/16/2020 10:46 AM
Lucas Allen New Teaching Vacancy: St. Anne High School 4/16/2020 9:14 AM
Kevin Daugherty IAITC Book Grant (for Ag Teachers) 4/15/2020 2:27 PM
Jay Solomonson ILCAE- Seeking Input on Agricultural Education Teacher Retention Research Study 4/15/2020 11:47 AM
Dean Dittmar Sad to Announce - Gordon Ropp 4/14/2020 9:20 PM
Kevin Daugherty Illinois Association FFA, Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leaders and Feeding Illinois 4/14/2020 9:00 PM
Jennifer Waters IL FFA Agriscience Fair - Registration due April 15th 4/14/2020 1:00 PM
Mindy Bunselmeyer Scholarships, 2020 Illinois FFA Leadership Camp and 2020 WLC 4/14/2020 7:00 AM
Kevin Daugherty April 14, 2020 IAITC Bellringer 4/13/2020 9:00 AM
Dean Dittmar Proposed AFNR Course Matrix Feedback 4/9/2020 5:39 PM
Dean Dittmar Proposed AFNR Course Matrix Feedback by April 15 4/9/2020 2:38 PM
Jay Solomonson Vacancy- Galena High School 4/8/2020 10:47 AM
Casey Bolin Plant Sale Exchange of Ideas Virtual Meeting Recap 4/7/2020 9:39 PM
Jennifer Waters Ag Education Vacancy: Farmington High School 4/7/2020 1:29 PM
Mindy Bunselmeyer FFA Updates, Ag Ed CDE, GROWMARK, LG Seeds, Compeer Financial - Scholarships, Grants and Opportunities 4/7/2020 7:00 AM
Megan Coy IL Ag Career Corner Guests for the Week 4/6 4/6/2020 9:56 AM
Kevin Daugherty 4-7-20 IAITC Bellringer 4/6/2020 9:00 AM
Casey Bolin Plant Sale Exchange of Ideas: 4/7 at 3:30pm 4/5/2020 7:55 PM
Dean Dittmar FCAE Update 4/3/2020 11:40 AM
Nick Wherley Turnkey Online Business Curriculum - FREE from the U of I 4/3/2020 10:08 AM
Megan Coy New: Illinois Ag Career Corner 2pm Weekdays on Facebook Live 4/1/2020 8:59 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer National Chapter Award Application Submission, State Proficiency Award Record Books Upload 3/31/2020 11:31 AM
Lucas Allen Vacancy: Kendall County AITC Coordinator 3/31/2020 9:11 AM
Kevin Daugherty March 31, 2020 IAITC FarmWeek Bellringer Activity 3/30/2020 10:00 AM
Jay Solomonson Vacancy- Eastland High School: 2nd Agriculture Teacher with a STEM Emphasis 3/28/2020 8:46 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer Illinois FFA Survey, Officers Applications, Answers to Staff Q & A, FFA Convention Call to Assist with Theme Video 3/27/2020 1:03 PM
Dean Dittmar ILCAE Advocacy Award App Open - Nominate an Administrator or Stakeholder 3/26/2020 9:30 AM
Jennifer Waters Ag Education Vacancy: Unity Mendon High School (Co-Teacher/Advisor) 3/26/2020 7:00 AM
Steven Still Illinois Ag Ed Survey - Link 3/25/2020 8:22 PM
Lucas Allen District 2 FCAE Update 3/24/2020 5:21 PM
Nick Wherley Explore ACES Update 3/23/2020 1:20 PM
Dean Dittmar National Ag Day Virtual Webinars - March 23 & 24 3/23/2020 12:36 PM
Casey Bolin Vacancy- Shawnee High School at Wolf Lake 3/23/2020 11:17 AM
Kevin Daugherty 3-24 IAITC Bellringer Questions 3/23/2020 9:01 AM
Kevin Daugherty March 24, 2020 IAITC FarmWeek Bell Ringer 3/23/2020 9:00 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer FFA Board Updates, Certificate Contest, State Chats, State & American FFA Degree Information, Gratitude Time 3/20/2020 6:12 PM
Steven Still Fully-funded Masters in Agriculture Education Opportunity 3/20/2020 12:28 PM
Dean Dittmar ILCAE March Meeting Minutes & Next Meeting June 16 3/19/2020 3:22 PM
John Edgar Updated Food Science CDE results 3/18/2020 4:00 PM
Megan Coy Vacancy- Paris High School Ag Teacher & FFA Advisor 3/18/2020 1:30 PM
Jennifer Waters CANCELLED: Bushnell-Prairie City FFA Alumni Livestock Judging 3/18/2020 7:30 AM
John Edgar Student Branch Event Cancelled 3/17/2020 3:52 PM
Dean Dittmar IL Ag Day Legislative Briefing 3/17/2020 1:59 PM
SIUC Agricultural Sciences SIU Livestock and Horticulture CDE's 3/17/2020 12:28 PM
Andy Baker WIU's cancelled or postponed events 3/17/2020 9:37 AM
Kevin Daugherty March 17, 2020 IAITC FarmWeek Bellringer Activity 3/17/2020 8:49 AM
Mindy Bunselmeyer Operation Rising Sun, Drumline, Cards vs. Cubs, NCA Judges, Tractor Supply, Zoetis Industry Support 3/17/2020 7:00 AM
Steven Still Illinois Ag Ed Survey 3/16/2020 12:15 PM
Jay Solomonson CANCELLED- 2020 ROWVA Spring Trap Shoot 3/16/2020 9:00 AM
Dean Dittmar ISBE Update document for ILCAE 3/15/2020 10:47 PM
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